On the evening of January 13 2016, as he was about to post a Facebook rant about high profile racism cases in South Africa, our founder Mzuzukile Soni decided instead to channel his energy to building an ecosystem which would allow Black businesses to thrive, while also building our communities. Borne of a strong desire to provide a safe space for the growth and capacitation of Black SMMEs, BrownSense has since gone on to help thousands of entrepreneurs build their businesses and create jobs, while also working with a number of corporate companies to procure from good, honest Black businesses around the country.


Circulating The Rand, One Purchase At A Time

One day, buying Black will be normalised, with no hashtag to signify the anomaly of such an action. The domino effect from that will ensure the development of sustainable Black businesses that contribute to the development of the South African economy.

Buying Gifts


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Group CEO

Mzuzukile Soni is an admitted attorney by background with over 15 years post qualification experience. In his legal work, he has formed an integral part of legal teams in the ICT regulatory and commercial fields, overseeing a significant number of commercial deals in the space. Founding BrownSense was driven by the passion to not only talk about change, but being an active driver of that change. Mzuzukile is a natural connector, a quality he has used throughout his profession. This comes out strongly through BrownSense, as the platform primarily connects businesses to other businesses, as well as to customers.